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New in our range of products are filaments for 3D printing. Available in both general materials and high engineering plastics, with diameter 1,75 mm and/or 2,85 mm. General filaments supplied on 750gr spools in divers colours. The high engineering plastics on spools of 500gr.


• PLA/ABS (all colours), diameter: 1,75 and 2,85 mm
• PETG (titanium grey. Other colours in larger quantities; on request), diameter: 1,75 and 2,85 mm
• ASA (natural), diameter: 1,75 and 2,85 mm
• PLLA (natural), diameter: 1,75 mm
• PCL (99% pure)/PCL (100% pure); very low print temperature and moldable from 55°C after printing, diameter: 1,75 and 2,85 mm

High engineering plastics

• PEI (Ultem 1010), diameter: 1,75 mm
• PEEK, diameter: 1,75 and 2,85 mm
• PPSU, diameter: 1,75 and 2,85 mm
• FEP, diameter: 1,75 mm

More information?

Please contact our sales engineers if you require more information, an inquiry or to evaluate samples. Or download our technical data sheets.

Datasheet ABS filamentDatasheet PCL filamentDatasheet PEEK filamentDatasheet PEI filamentDatasheet PET-G filamentDatasheet PLA filamentDatasheet ASA filamentDatasheet PLLA filamentDatasheet PPSU filamentDatasheet FEP filament

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