P-Teflon draad en kabel

Fluoroplastic wires and cables

Fluoroplastic cables are often used in industrial applications such as automated control and measurement systems, electric heating, Automotive and Aerospace.
Because of the excellent temperature stability, chemical resistance and mechanical and dielectric energy, these Teflon cables are very suitable for applications with aggressive media and or at high temperatures above 105°C.

Key properties

• Excellent temperature stability
• Chemical resistance
• Mechanical and dielectric energy

Temperature, depending on the choosen material

PTFE +260°C
FEP +205°C
ETFE +150°C
PFA +260°C
Kapton +200°C (Polyimide)
PVDF +150°C
PEEK +250°C
ECTFE +150°C


Copper to +130°C
Copper/zinc to +150°C
Copper/silver to +200°C
Copper/nickel to +250°C
Nickel up to +400°C

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