Une petite présentation

Bernard Schellekens

Did your package arrive on time? Then it is most likely the work of our Bernard. This top team member from the warehouse has been working for Polyfluor for over 20 years. “As a logistics employee, you need to act quickly, and you are an important part of the whole process.” Time to get to know him better.

Bernard was born and raised in Dongen, North Brabant. He started working in his father's bag factory at a very young age. “I worked very hard in those days, from as young as the age of 6. I was the oldest child and was supposed to take over the business. After 20 years, there were more and more competitors from the East who sold their products at lower prices. It was quality versus quantity. Eventually the business came to an end as a result.” Bernard did, however, learn to roll up his sleeves. So, it's not surprising he comes to Polyfluor in Breda by bike every day. “I cycle every day. It keeps me healthy and moreover, it saves on petrol.” 

That One Advertisement

In 2000, he stumbled upon an advertisement for 8 hours a week. In a rapidly growing company, that soon became more. In 2004, Bernard made the decision to quit his other job and started working for Polyfluor full time. “I started with packing boxes and eventually became a self-employed logistics operative. The packages used to be small, but nowadays, they are ‘forklift size’. We pack the items, stick on the packing slips, and print certificates. It’s an important part of the whole process.” 

Bernard finds the balance between mental and physical work important and values Polyfluor's flexibility. “The work is enjoyable because of the high degree of independence. In addition, it is very sociable in the warehouse. Our strength is that we are flexible. As a company, we possess a great deal of expertise and are therefore able to act quickly. That way, we can serve our clients as well as possible. And there is always time for a laugh. I find that important.” 

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Striking a Chord

Bernard works hard in the warehouse, so he wants to have fun in his spare time. He does that by, amongst others, spending a lot of time playing his beloved guitar. “I have been playing for a very long time. I used to play in a band with friends. Not commercially, purely for pleasure. I love the freedom of giving your creative spirit free rein. I also gave guitar lessons for a while.” In addition to his music, he enjoys nature. “I often spend time outdoors. My holidays are often geared towards that. Heading off with friends to explore a new environment. That makes me really happy.” And as far as the future, Bernard has no plans to quit. “I am 65, but I want to keep going. To me, staying healthy and keeping busy are the most important things in life.” 

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