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PTFE bags for research at sea

The unique aspect of the materials we use at Polyfluor is their broad application that offers endless possibilities. That is why clients from around the world approach us with different requests. Like a French company with an exceptional challenge. Today we share this story on which we look back with pride.

In 2022, we were approached by a French company that conducts scientific research at sea. They are involved with infrastructure, ecosystems and deep-sea research, amongst others. Our point of contact gave us a glimpse into this unique world. He told us that he is sometimes away from home for weeks or months, at sea, with no contact with the outside world. They required our help with an issue regarding the activities they carry out.

The challenge

Water is collected at sea to study upon return. They were looking for a 15-litre container in which to store this water. The challenge? The water had to remain as pure as possible. Not many materials are suitable for this purpose. For example, Polyethylene (PE) contains chemical additives that can contaminate the contents. These additives would then be released into the water to be examined , which would make the study unreliable. Steel or stainless steel is not an option either because it rusts. Water remains pure when stored in glass, but that is far too vulnerable on the rough seas. However, PTFE is a good option. This is a pure material that does not release particles, but it is not easy to make a container out of it.

The idea

PTFE is the most suitable material for storing water that has to remain pure. But we had to conceive a way of making it so that it would be practical and sturdy to use in practice. Thanks to many years' experience of conceiving solutions for all kinds of applications, we soon had an idea. What if we made a 15-litre bag with a valve? We suggested this to the client and they thought it was a good idea.


Our large network includes an American company that makes a special PTFE film. The material becomes strong enough by laminating thin layers of film. Bags made of this are flexible and have connections for filling and venting. We made a sample for the client to test. It proved to be a success, and the client went to sea with 50 bags. Contact with the outside world is virtually impossible, so it took a while, but we eventually heard that it had gone incredibly well. The client is very happy and so are we!

The product

The bags are ideal, not just for this specific application. Apart from the fact that PTFE does not release particles, it has a high chemical resistance. The bags can therefore also be used to store chemicals. In addition, PTFE releases no odours or flavours. There is no maximum limit to the size of the bags, so we can even make a bag for a sea container.

The possibilities of PTFE for your application

Would you like to know more about these PTFE bags? Or do you require a completely different application? Then contact us. We would be delighted to offer input.