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Erwin Volkers

With a background in International Management, Erwin Volkers is the person who sets the course at Polyfluor. As a 'culture chameleon,' he enjoys adapting to customers and partners from all over the world. "Connecting and maintaining relationships with various types of people are things I find incredibly enjoyable." Let's take some time to get to know him better.

Erwin is 52 years old and lives in Roosendaal with his partner Annelies and two children, Janne and Sam. Here, he particularly enjoys the Burgundian lifestyle. "There is always a good excuse to go into the city, dine out, attend a musical or football match, and simply enjoy life." So, with Erwin, we are dealing with someone who truly enjoys life.

The cultural chameleon

Erwin graduated in International Management from the HES (University of Applied Sciences for Economical Studies) in Rotterdam in 1995. He studied communication, business economics, marketing, and much more in English and German. After that, he immediately started working in an international and commercial environment at an ICT hardware company. He had always been fascinated by different cultures and therefore enjoyed traveling for work to countries such as Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Japan, and China. Traveling to the United Kingdom always had something extra special about it. He lived there when he was very young and also did an internship there at a later age. "The people, the environment, and the culture; the United Kingdom always feels like coming home whenever I go there."

In 2008, he entered the world of fluoroplastics. The French company '3P' was looking for a commercial specialist. "The focus was on the Benelux and the UK. With many different locations and a diversity of people and cultural dynamics, it was a very interesting company for me." In 2014, Erwin joined Polyfluor and has been working there for over 9 years now. Initially as a sales engineer, and for the past few years in the role of sales manager.

At Polyfluor, Erwin leads the sales department. "I provide guidance, support, coaching, propose trainings, and together with my team, we ensure that we continuously improve the quality. Additionally, I manage some of my own clients and play a role in Polyfluor's marketing and branding. I have the opportunity to share my commercial knowledge and skills, and we learn from each other every day. That makes it enjoyable and interesting every day."

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Experience and fun

For Erwin, the commercial aspect has always been the common thread. As he gains more years of experience in the field, he also takes on more initiative and leadership. "The more experience I gained, the more I aspired to a managerial role. As a professional and as an individual, I continue to grow and seize the opportunities that present themselves around me."

Working at Polyfluor contributes to these developments and the enjoyment he finds in his work, as he puts it. "The strength of Polyfluor lies in the passion for the product and the knowledge of all possible solutions. The foundation of this company is very strong. Additionally, the connection with international cultures and the diversity of personalities make the work very enjoyable. We have great customers, partners, and suppliers, and we work on challenging issues. I am simply delighted that I can do my work here every day."

Are you looking for the right materials or products? Or do you want Erwin to help your company? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you with the right advice and the best solution.