Wir stellen uns kurz vor

Ron van de Ruit

When we talk about experience, the conversation soon turns to our Ron. There is no lack of knowledge and at 66 years of age, he still has the drive to keep developing. “I learn something every day because of all the queries and applications from many different sectors.” Time to get to know him a little better. 

Ron van de Ruit is 66 years old and lives in Raamsdonksveer with his girlfriend. Sitting still is not for him. “I enjoy cycling on my racing bike or mountain bike. I also like fishing. Doing jobs around the house, walking or painting; many activities energise me. Above all, I like to keep myself healthy. Age is just a number, but a healthy lifestyle is important when you are 66 years old,” he says with a smile. 

Technical experience

Ron has had many different jobs in the past. After technical training as a chief draughtsman for an engineering firm, he wanted to go in a commercial direction after all. “I enjoyed seeing different sides of the business. For example, in my previous job as a sales engineer, I also sat on the Works Council and I was editor of the staff newsletter.” He has seen the whole process with all the varied experience he has gained. And a common theme emerges: Ron likes to be of value. The more value he can offer, the better. Clicking on a personal level, working independently, and gaining trust are important pillars in that.

When he came to Polyfluor via an acquaintance, his work experience enabled him to easily advise clients straight away. “I quickly understand what the problem is and can then offer support with the right solution. That help could be anywhere in the process. No two issues are alike.” However, Ron does deal predominantly with technical issues. In addition to selling the right solution, he gives advice and helps with product development. “I am closely involved with clients. Offering input and improving continually, that makes me happy. We have been optimising some applications every year for 12 years. It makes working for Polyfluor and the solutions we offer very enjoyable.”

Enjoying ‘being needed’

Ron thinks all is well with the way he fulfils his role and the extent to which he is important to his customers. “I feel highly valued by clients and my colleagues. I am free to collaborate and achieve positive results. Because we are easy to find via Google and after the acquisition, we can pick up clients’ queries and get them on board. We do that very well. Polyfluor has grown and has achieved good successes. I am proud to be a part of that.”

Ron is very positive about the future. “I am now 66 and will continue part time, working three days instead of five. I would miss it if no one required my expertise anymore. I remain part of Polyfluor, for myself and for the organisation. That is simply what I enjoy most.”

Are you looking for the right materials or products? Or do you want Ron to help your company? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to assist with the right advice and the best solution.