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    (Fluoroplastic) Tubing

    Polyfluor Plastics supplies tubing in high-quality fluoroplastics such as PTFE, FEP, PFA, PVDF, ETFE, ECTFE, PCTFE and THV. Also tubing in PVC, PP, PA, PUR, Silicone etc.

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    High pressure hoses

    Our range includes high quality (high)pressure hoses for almost any demanding application. Available in bulk lengths or complete hose assemblies.

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    Heat shrink tubing, wire, cable & fibre

    Heat shrink tubing is often used as a protective cover for applications exposed to critical environmental factors.

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    PTFE glass fibre belts&tapes

    Our range of PTFE glass fibre is available in rolls, sheets and various belts out of PTFE/glass or Kevlar/glass.

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    Cleanroom tubing

    Our range of cleanroom PTFE tubing and PFA 450HP tubing is available in smooth or corrugated design.

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    Finished products

    Polyfluor Plastics delivers bellows, diaphragms, seals, rings etc. to virtually any standard or according customer specification.

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    Semi-finished products

    Polyfluor Plastics offers a wide range of semi-finished products, such as plates, sheets, rods and pipes.

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    Digital brochure

    With the following download link you can easily download our digital brochure. If you wish to receive our brochure per mail, please submit a request via email, our contact form or ask our sales team.

  • 3D printing met frame

    3D printing

    New in our range of products are filaments for 3D printing. Available in both general materials and high engineering plastics, with diameter 1,75 mm and/or 2,85 mm. Standard supplied on 750gr spools in divers colours.

  • Surgical mask

    COVID-19 safety products

    Working safely and clean is currently more important than ever. In addition to cough screens, you can also come to us for surgical masks.