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Polyfluor supplies products that are extremely suitable for aviation and space travel. Our materials comply with all national and international standards, such as: BS EN ISO AS 9100 Rev. C. Additionally, our supplies adhere to the environmental management system BS EN ISO 14001:2004. Our Crossflon range of products, such as bearings, seals and bushings, are ideally suited for industrial applications, in particular: compressors, pumps, (vacuum) valves, mixers, as well as valves. When wear, temperature, and pressure are important parameters, we utilize Crossflon materials to offer a suitable solution.

In the aerospace industry, we also offer specialized solutions with advanced plastics, including PEEK and Polyimide. These materials are able to retain their exceptional material properties even when exposed to elevated temperatures and aggressive fuels. 

Due to the low coefficient of friction, these products are especially suitable for processing in small spaces. The reliability of these durable, high-quality plastics make them materials often selected for use in the aerospace industry. 

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Our products for this industry

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Hogedrukslang - Producten - Polyfluor - Klein

High-pressure hoses

Shrink tubing

UHMPE tape - Producten - Polyfluor - klein

Masking tape and spray

PEEK vezel - Producten - Polyfluor

PEEK fibre

Glasweefsel - Transportbanden - Producten - Polyfluor

PTFE glass fibre belts & tapes

Kunststof slangen - Gegolfde PTFE slangen - Producten - Polyfluor

PTFE corrugated hoses