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Finished products

PTFE rings

Standard diameters from 30mm up to 3000mm and thickness up to 80mm. Thicknesses up to 150mm on request possible.


We offer a large variety of seals and guides. You can find tailored solutions from PTFE, PTFE compounds and other high-performance plastics as well as composite parts combining PTFE with other plastics or metals.


We supply PTFE bellows completely according customer specification. The production of PTFE bellows requires some specialization which we have in house, from design to finished product.


Porous PTFE membranes are chemically not affected and therefore suitable in aggressive environments. Partly due to the hydrophobic property, suitable for the laboratory analysis of samples.

Slide bearing sheets

PTFE has the lowest friction coefficient of all plastics even if these are lubricated. Typical behaviour is whenever the load on PTFE increases friction coefficient becomes lower. PTFE has no "stick slip" behaviour which is unique in slide bearing technology.

Injection molds

Injection moulding of fluoroplastic materials is not easy. During the process, fluorine vapors will come free which the mould must withstand. All thermoplastics are injection mouldable, among others PEEK and/or PFA.

Milled parts

Polyfluor Plastics is able to take care of each adaptation according your wishes. Conventional lathe for small series and/or large diameters and CNC machining for exact sizes or larger series.

Heat exchangers

We recently deliver fluoroplastic heat exchangers. These heat exchangers are made of fluoroplastics such as PTFE, FEP an PFA. Fluoroplastics are fully resistant against corrosive liquids and have very good non-stick properties. This means there is no building up of pollution and it reduces fouling and scaling. Fluoroplastics are pure and contain no softeners or plasticisers and are therefore very suitable for handling ultra-high-pure (UHP) applications in the semi-conductor industry.

Applicable in various industries

Finished products are used in various industries. Think, for example, of aviation and aerospace, the automotive industry, construction, defense, offshore, petrochemicals, machine and equipment and the packaging and food industry. Polyfluor supplies specific industry solutions.

Polyfluor offers a total solution in the field of fluorine plastic. For example, we also deliver membranes, bellows, injection molds, fibers, glass fibre, seals, tubing en cleanroom tubing

The best solution for these industries

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Machinery & Equipment

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Food & Packaging