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Fluorine Plastic Tubing

Polyfluor's fluorine plastic tubing can withstand the most extreme conditions. Our plastic tubes meet the highest requirements in terms of performance, durability, and reliability. Fluoroplastic can be used from 190°C to +260°C, and it offers the greatest resistance to fatigue, is non-hygroscopic, and has excellent chemical resistance. Polyfluor has over 40 years of experience providing PTFE plastic tubing. In addition to standard tubes, Polyfluor also offers solutions that are industry-specific or are completely tailored to your specific requirements. We are happy to collaborate with you to provide you with the perfect solution. Below you will find a selection of the high-quality fluorine plastic tubing from Polyfluor:

PTFE tubing

Polyfluor offers a wide range of PTFE plastic tubing, including plastic tubes with smooth and corrugated designs (spiral and parallel) in inch, metric, and AWG versions. These hoses are available in straight lengths, bundles, or reels, as well as hot bent + modified PTFE.

Pigmented PTFE tubing

For demanding applications where color identification is required, you can rely on Polyfluor for coloured PTFE tubes. PTFE plastic tubes with longitudinal and transverse stripes are also possible. Coloured or marked PTFE hoses are used in X-ray equipment with BaSo4 as well as for identification of media being transported through the plastic hose.

PTFE liners

Due to the combination of a low coefficient of friction and resistance to high temperatures, PTFE is extremely suitable for guiding aluminium welding wire, among other things, in the MIG welding process. Our PTFE liners are supplied as standard on 100 meter reels and are available from stock in fixed colour codes.

Conductive PTFE tubing (Anti-Static)

In environments where static charge is generated, such as when using a medium with a high flow rate, anti-static PTFE hoses offer a solution. With static charge, there is a risk of electric sparks, which is a fire hazard and can also cause holes in the hose. Rather than preventing the static charge, the filler in these hoses ensures good conductivity. 

PTFE AWG tubing

Polyfluor also supplies PTFE hoses according to the AWG standard. AWG (American Wire Gauge) is the standard for electrical and insulation applications.

FEP tubing

For applications that require more optical clarity, flexibility, or a lower melting temperature than PTFE is capable of, FEP hoses are often chosen. These plastic hoses are available with smooth or corrugated hoses, spiral and parallel, in imperial, metric, and AWG versions. These hoses are available in straight lengths, bundles, or reels.

PFA tubing

When extra clarity, flexibility, and a higher continuous working temperature are required, PFA hoses are often chosen. These plastic tubes are available in smooth or corrugated designs, spiral and parallel, in imperial, metric, and AWG versions. PFA hoses are also available in straight lengths, bundles, or reels.

PVDF tubing

Polyfluor also supplies PVDF tubes in smooth or corrugated designs. These plastic hoses are available in imperial, metric, and AWG versions on straight lengths, bundles, or reels.

ETFE tubing

ETFE tubes are ideal for applications that require excellent impact resistance and strong resistance to stress cracking. These plastic hoses are available in imperial, metric, and AWG versions. They are available in production lengths; however, straight lengths, bundles, or specific dimensions are also possible on request.

ECTFE tubing

Polyfluor also supplies ECTFE tubes on request. Due to the special applications, there are no standard products in stock, so these plastic hoses are custom made based on specific requirements.

THV tubing

THV tubes are made on the basis of this thermoplastic elastomer and can be supplied in both imperial and metric versions. Specific dimensions, such as specific roll lengths, are possible on request. It is also possible to meet special requirements regarding packaging, cleanroom packaging for example.

Convoluted PTFE tubing

Polyfluor also supplies spirally corrugated PTFE type plastic tubing with optimum flexibility. In addition to the natural version, it is also possible to opt for an anti-static version (black) or versions with straight ends (cuffed ends) for fittings. In addition to PTFE corrugated hoses, we also supply corrugated tubes in PFA, FEP, and PVDF.

Spiral Corrugated Tubing (Thin-Walled)

Polyfluor spiral corrugated hoses are available in PFA, MFA, FEP, ETFE, and PVDF. Spiral corrugated hoses are often used as a protective hose for electrical cables. 

Applicable in various industries

Polyfluor fluorine plastic tubing are widely used in a wide range of industries, including the chemical, petrochemical, aviation, shipbuilding, food, automotive, equipment manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries. Even if your industry is not listed above, we still have specific solutions for your situation, and in the unlikely event that we don't, we will find a solution. Polyfluor always provides a total solution. In addition to fluoroplastic tubing, we also supply membranes, injection-moulded parts, shrink fibre, glass fibre, seals, shrink hoses, and cleanroom tubing.

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