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Besides PTFE, the most common and best known fluoropolymer. Polyfluor is a FEP and PTFE specialist in the Benelux. With 40 years of experience and an unending desire to meet the needs of the current, evolving market, we ensure that we have a solution for every need. FTPE and FEP are similar; however, main differences are the natural colour, FEP is clear transparent, and the lower melting temperature. The clearness provides distinctive advantages in applications whereas the low melting temperature makes FEP a very good material for protective sleeves like heat shrinkable tubing and cable harnesses. Developments are ongoing with this fluorplastic, which is why we are continuously working on new solutions that match the current market even better. We have a specific solution for every need and we are passionate to take on the challenges of today ánd tomorrow. 

What is FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene)?

Due to the advantageous properties of this plastic, FEP is widely used in critical applications in various industries. The big advantages it has over PTFE is its lower melting temperature, greater flexibility, and its transparent colour is also preferred in certain applications.

Advantageous Material Properties

Polyfluor offers products that have a very low dielectric constant. As a result, the material has a good insulating effect. Further, this transparent plastic is chemically inert and has very low friction. FEP from Polyfluor also has the following properties:

  • Lower melting temperature than PTFE
  • More flexible than PTFE
  • Transparent/clear
  • Low dielectric constant (insulating)
  • Chemically inert
  • Very low co-efficient of friction
  • Zero attachment
  • Excellent resistance
  • UV resistant (resistant to sunlight and does not age)
  • Not hygroscopic (water absorption <0.01%)
  • FDA approved
  • Working temperature from -200°C to +205°C
FEP Applications

Polyfluor offers innovative materials for various solutions. We continue to develop our solutions because our goal is to solve your challenges to your specifications. 

For example, Polyfluor provides many FEP products, such as hoses, shrink hoses, odour sampling bags, bellows, welding wire, foil, and coating. We have devised a solution for all applications. In the unlikely event that we do not currently have a solution, we will immediately get to work to make it for you. 

Applied in Many Industries

Polyfluor's FEP is used in many industries, such as the medical, aviation, aerospace, petrochemical, semiconductor, packaging, and food industries. In these industries, progressive companies and organizations choose Polyfluor precisely because of its unparalleled product properties. Polyfluor is also known for making specific industry solutions because we understand that every industry requires special specifications, and our industry specialists commit to connecting your needs seamlessly with innovative solutions.

Sparring Partner

As a company with excellent plastics, incredible expertise, and a desire to support those we work with, we are exceptionally positioned to make the link between your needs and the solutions they require. You will notice the passion of our specialists in everything we do, which is a trait that is widely appreciated by our customers. We have been a leading name in the market for 40 years because transparency and honesty are the cornerstones of our work. Our no-nonsense approach ensures that expectations are always realistic, and you always know where you stand.

Technical information

Need more information about the properties of FEP? You will find this in the technical data sheet below.

More information?

Please contact our sales engineers if you require more information, an inquiry or to evaluate samples. Or download our technical data sheets.

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