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Polyfluor is the specialist in fluorine plastics. Our team of passionate professionals offers our clients knowledge and expertise. Stay informed about our organisation, our industry and our products through our stories.

Let me introduce you: Hans van Dongen

Our team in the warehouse is a close-knit group. Together, we make sure our customers' orders are shipped as well and as quickly as possible. Hans van Dongen is a valued team member in this process. This handy guy gets on his bike every day with a good feeling to serve our customers.

Let me introduce you:
Mirella Mous

This all-rounder has been working at Polyfluor since the turn of the century. As the company grew, so did she. “We are constantly raising the bar by presenting figures and setting goals. I am happy to contribute to that. We work as a chain, in which I feel like the middle link.” Time to get to know her better. 

Let me introduce you:
Johan Eland

Our guardian of quality enjoys visiting clients and has learned everything by doing. This sports fanatic loves working with people and has done so for nearly 25 years. "Answering questions, solving problems and improving things. Preferably right there and then at the client's office.” Time to get to know him a bit better.

Let me introduce you:
Bernard Schellekens

Did your package arrive on time? Then it is most likely the work of our Bernard. This top team member from the warehouse has been working for Polyfluor for over 20 years. “As a logistics employee, you need to act quickly, and you are an important part of the whole process.” Time to get to know him better.

The industries: Automotive industry

an interesting sector that is always changing and never stands still. An industry full of controls, certifications, flexibility and decisions that have a global impact. What is Polyfluor’s role and what can we expect in the future? It’s time to explain.

The products: Cleanroom tubing

Cleanroom hoses for high-purity applications: an important product that Polyfluor supplies to the semiconductor industry. These hoses are made from PFA, PTFE, THV, FEP, PVdF, and PUR materials, among others. A clean room is an extra clean room (in compliance with ISO 146441) in which certain operations are carried out under strict conditions.

The industries: Semiconductor industry

One of the industries that has shown tremendous growth that cannot be ignored these days is the semiconductor industry. This sector consists of a set of companies that deal with semiconductors and semiconductor devices. But which products do these industries supply and how does Polyfluor contribute to them? Time to explain. 

Let me introduce you:
Michaël Laros

Polyfluor would not be Polyfluor without Michaël Laros. He is the Managing Director and has been with Polyfluor for over 25 years. "The short lines, quick contact and personal team, that’s what makes Polyfluor dynamic." Time to get to know him better. 

The Polyfluor brand

We proudly present the new website of Polyfluor. For our new website, we teamed up with a group of creative developers to review the Polyfluor brand.