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Wire, cables and fibre

Polyfluor has 40 years of experience. Our specialists are happy to think along with you to provide the best possible support. Below you will find the selection of wire, cables and fiber from Polyfluor:

Fluoroplastic wires and cables

Fluoroplastic cables are often used in industrial applications, such as automated control and measurement systems. Due to the excellent temperature stability, chemical resistance, and mechanical and dielectric energy, these fluoroplastic cables are ideally suited where aggressive liquids are used at high temperatures.

PEEK electrical wire

PEEK electrical wire, also known as magnet wire, consists of PEEK extrusion over copper wire. The PEEK electrical wire has a high, continuous operating temperature, excellent abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and impressive dielectric strength.

PEEK fibre

PEEK fibre is a wear-resistant fibre with a high tensile strength. These fibres are widely used in cable harnesses and hose braids. PEEK fibre can be used excellently at higher temperatures and produces minimal smoke and gases.

Applicable in various industries

Wire, cables and fiber from Polyfluor are used in various industries. Think of the electrical industry, aviation and aerospace, the automotive industry, the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Polyfluor supplies specific industry solutions.

In addition to wire, cables and fiber, we also supply membranes, bellows, injection molds, glass fibre, seals, fluoroplastic tubing and cleanroom tubing

The best solution for these industries

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