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Cleanroom tubing

Cleanroom tubing is essential for sterile environments such as laboratories and the electronics industry. Therefore, it must be produced and packaged in a fully controlled environment. Air pollution is regulated within an acceptable range, and contamination from people, processes, facilities, and equipment is also monitored and removed. For over 40 years, Polyfluor has been making PTFE plastic hoses and taking advantage of the positive properties of various plastics. In addition to products available from stock, we also offer cleanroom tubing that is tailored specifically to your situation. Below you will find the tubing range that Polyfluor offers:

Standard Cleanroom tubing

This is produced and packaged in a controlled environment to minimize airborne contamination to within set limits. Contamination is generated by people, processes, facilities and equipment.

Cleanroom tubing PTFE

Polyfluor is your trusted partner for PTFE-based cleanroom tubing in smooth or corrugated options. You can choose from imperial or metric dimensions with a standard packaging unit of 25 meters per roll. We also supply AWG dimensions on reels ranging from 200 to 305 meters, depending on AWG size. If you require a specific length, we provide cut lengths upon request. This range of tubing is produced according to cleanroom class 8 or cleanroom class 7 (ISO146441).

Cleanroom tubing PFA

Our cleanroom tubing PFA 450HP or standard 350 resin is available in both smooth and corrugated versions. The dimensions are available in both imperial and metric dimensions on a roll.

Multiple tubing

This range of compact tubing with multiple flow options, which is produced according to cleanroom class 8, is regularly utilized in applications such as endoscopy and laser research. This multi-lumen is produced from materials such as PUR, PA and PEBAX. The assembly, packaging, and cleaning are carried out in cleanroom class 7 or cleanroom class 6 (ISO146441).

Reinforced tubing

When an even higher level of performance is required, reinforced tubing will prevent kinks, burst pressure, vacuum resistance, and other possible issues. Reinforced cleanroom tubing is available in PUR, PA, Pebax, and Silicone.

Tubing for packaging

For the protection of medical components, needles and catheters, materials such as LDPE, HDPE, PUR or PP are often chosen. This range of cleanroom tubing is produced according to cleanroom class 7 with assembly, packaging and cleaning carried out in cleanroom class 6 (ISO146441).

Cleanroom Tubing for IV and CV Catheter Productions

Polyfluor has supplied the medical industry for over 40 years. In this period, Polyfluor has established its reputation as a specialist in cleanroom tubing suitable for use in IV and CV catheter production lines.

Various Industries

Cleanroom tubing is manufactured according to strict protocols. These are often used in the electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, and other industries with critical production environments. 

Polyfluor is an expert in fluoroplastics and can provide a total solution if desired. In addition to these products, Polyfluor also manufactures membranes, bellows, injection-moulded parts, shrink fibre, glass fabric, seals, plastic hoses, and shrink hoses.

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