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Virgin PTFE and/or PTFE with fillers are widely used in both onshore and offshore applications in Oil&Gas companies. For example, in pumps and compressors, but also for the transportation of heavy constructions such as platforms (for which slide bearing pads are used).

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Healthcare Industry

Applications in the (semi) Medical industry require clean, smooth, non-toxic and non-allergenic materials. Properties which are standard for several (fluoro)polymers. As a result, these materials are suitable for use in applications with human tissues and fluids (for short periods).

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For the Semi-conductor industry, Polyfluor Plastics provides materials that are chemically inert and have non-wetting (hydrophobic) properties, such as FEP, PTFE, PCTFE, PFA, TFM and PI. Applications include: Carriers - Diffusion Filtration & Parts - Linings - Tubes (Spiral) & Fittings - Turntables - Water Cleaning.

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PTFE, Viton, PEEK en Rulon are widely used in the Automotive industry. These fluoroplastics are able to maintain their outstanding material properties even when exposed to high temperatures and/or aggressive fuels. PTFE and PEEK are highly suitable for processing at high (or low) temperatures and are used in applications where fire and explosion need to be avoided. Due to the reliability of sustainable, high value plastics it is an often chosen material for Automotive applications.

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Applications in the Construction industry often require a durable product that has a good resistance to abrasion by weather and/or high temperatures. Key properties for our fluoroplastic materials.

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For Maritime applications, products made out of PTFE, PTFE -composite, PTFE filled and related engineering plastics are mainly used. These materials are able to retain their outstanding material properties even when exposed to high temperatures and aggressive fuels.

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Fluoroplastic materials are very suitable for Pharmaceutical applications. The materials are chosen for their clean, smooth, non-toxic and non-allergenic properties. They are therefore very suitable for use in applications with human tissues and fluids.

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Polyfluor delivers goods which are produced according internationally accepted standards - including BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and BS EN ISO AS 9100 Rev. C standards for design and manufacture of products for aerospace and environmental management system standards to BS EN ISO 14001:2004.

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Due to the high maximum working temperature, low coefficient of friction, low dielectric constant and tensile strength, fluoroplastics like PTFE are very suitable for divers electric (insulting) applications.

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Machinery & Equipment

For the Machinery&Equipment industry Polyfluor Plastics delivers a wide range of products, made from PTFE, PCTFE, PEEK, PFA, FEP and other fluoroplastics.

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Sector Defence maintains a high standard for the use of materials in their applications. Due to the standard properties of fluoroplastics, they are often used in diverse applications. Mainly used in military vehicles, submarines, aircraft carriers, aircrafts and other artillery systems.

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Food & Packaging

In the Food industry there are high standard regulations regarding hygiene. Due to the low coefficient of friction of fluoroplastic products (and hence the smooth surface), contamination is kept to a minimum. One of the key properties why products of among others PTFE are very suitable, and commonly used, in the Food & Packing industry.