Polyfluor Plastics supports various charities through sponsorships. Together we try to contribute to a better life for our fellow man or research into medicines for among others deadly diseases.

Some of the charities we support

* Niños de Guatemala
   NDG is a Dutch-Guatemalan nonprofit foundation to break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala by providing quality education to those 
   who need it the most. Niños de Guatemala (NDG) is founded in 2006 with the purpose of providing the children of Guatemala a 
   better future by means of eduction.

* Wings & Wheels 

* AMC Esophagus Fund
   Each year about 2600 people are diagnosed with esophagus cancer. For 700 of them an operation can be life saving. An operation
which the esophagus is removed is a heavy procedure and the chance of complication are severe. Many patients have multiple 
   side-effects. Research is aimed at improving these side-effects.

Interested in supporting a charity?

Are you interested to support a Charity? Please take a look at about possibilities or donate to one of above mentioned charities. Together we can make a difference!