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With more than 40 years of experience, Polyfluor is a PTFE specialist, and also a leader in the production of PVDF. Because of our relentless commitment to excellence in providing innovative solutions that seamlessly meet your wishes, we have a suitable solution for every question. It is this business model that allows us to support you to consistently be one step ahead of the competition.

What is PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)?

PVDF is mainly used in critical applications requiring excellent chemical resistance, high purity, and exemplary mechanical properties.

Unprecedented Material Properties

PVDF has very good creep resistance that is superior to that of other fluoropolymers, which makes it much more resistant to fatigue. Further, this material is often used as insulation and as a protective sheath. Additionally, our plastic PVDF has the following properties:

  • Excellent resistance to creep and fatigue
  • High degree of thermal stability
  • Excellent radiation resistance
  • Often used as insulation and protection cover in chemical applications
  • UV resistant (resistant to the sun and does not age)
  • High dielectric constant
  • Working temperature from -20°C to +130°C
PVDF Applications

You can rest assured that our solutions utilize the best materials because Polyfluor is well-known for its unparalleled products that ensure all challenges are solved perfectly. We are also constantly developing our solutions, so when new challenges arise, we are ready to solve them. In addition to PVDF end products, such as PVDF hoses, Polyfluor also provides products, such as PVDF foil, plates, couplings, rods, pipes, rings, and cleanroom tubing. We have a solution for almost every application, and in the rare instances that we don’t, we simply make it for you according to your specific needs.

Primarily Utilized in the Chemical Industry

Polyfluor PVDF is primarily used in the chemical industry. Leading players in this industry always choose Polyfluor because of the excellent product properties. Polyfluor offers particularly effective, industry-specific solutions because we understand that each sector possesses unique characteristics. PVDF is often used in the chemical industry as an insulation or protective barrier due to its chemical resistance. That is why Polyfluor has various solutions for these industry-specific applications. Our industry specialists can easily connect your exact needs with our solutions.

Partner You Can Build on

Polyfluor offers the best products, but they must be applied correctly for them to be effective. That is another reason that we like to collaborate with you regarding specific applications. Our specialists are happy to support you with their extensive knowledge. Because we value quality and honesty, Polyfluor works transparently, so you always know where you stand. We understand that it is imperative to be open and communicate in order to set realistic expectations, which explains why we have been a main name in the market for over 40 years.

Technical information

Need more information about the properties of PVDF? It can be found in the technical datasheets below.

More information?

Please contact our sales engineers if you require more information, an inquiry or to evaluate samples. Or download our technical data sheets.

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