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ETFE foil

ETFE film is a high-performance film which is used in divers industries, such as semi-conductor, aerospace, architecture and agriculture. ETFE foil has very good electrical insulation properties, excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance and long-term weather ability. ETFE foil is available in thicknesses from 12 up to 250µm. It is a transparent, thermoplastic film that can be heat sealed, thermoformed, vacuum formed, heat bonded, welded, metallized and laminated (combined with dozens of other materials). Besides this, it can be used as an excellent hot-melt adhesive. Due to its exceptional durability, UV light transparency and anti-fouling properties, ETFE foil is used in outdoor architectural applications, greenhouses and solar cells.

Some examples of ETFE film

  • Single Layered Application
    ETFE can be applied in a single layered form and are reinforced with either wire cables, light weight steel or aluminum to maintain shape and stability.
  • Double or Triple Layered Application
    In a double or triple layered application, ETFE film incorporates a pneumatic system to maintain air between 2 or 3 layers of film attached to aluminum extrusions and supported by a lightweight structure creating inflated cushions. These cushions are filled with low-pressure air, providing thermal insulation and structural stability against wind or snow loads. 
    The roof can be fully supplied in transparent (letting through almost all UV light) or in white (in order to prevent overheating of the underlying space).

For ETFE Cushions we can also offer ETFE corrugated tubing in diameter 25 or 50 mm.