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Unsintered PTFE tapes

The following unsintered PTFE Tapes are available at Polyfluor;

- Standard unsintered PTFE tape and
- Low density unsintered PTFE tape

Standard unsintered PTFE tape can be applied as a protective jacket for aircraft wiring and for example in cables in floor heating. In this application, the unsintered PTFE tape is wrapped around the cable which is then sintered at a high temperature by means of infrared or a salt bath. This creates a protective harness to the cable.
Our standard unsintered PTFE tape can be delivered in the following colors; natural, white, black, blue, green, gray, orange, red, purple and yellow.

The density of standard unsintered PTFE tape is 1,6 g/cm3.
Unsintered PTFE tape can be supplied in various widths (from 2mm to 400mm), thickness of 46µm to 500µm.

Low Density PTFE tapes are used in applications where high temperatures can affect the operation of cables. They also have an insulating effect in case of peak voltage. They can be used in all applications where control of static electricity is essential, such as bundling cables in communications, aerospace and electronics equipment.
Low Density PTFE tapes can be supplied in the following colors; natural, white, blue, green, red and yellow.
Our Low Density PTFE tapes are available in densities ranging from 0,33 to 1,22 g/cm3, different widths (from 4mm to 400mm), thickness of 64µm to 305µm.

All colors are RoHS compliant (especially in aviation this is important).
The tapes are resistant to: oils, chemicals, solvents, water and gases