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PTFE slide bearing sheets

Lowest Friction

PTFE has the lowest friction coefficient of all plastics even if these are lubricated. Typical behavior is whenever the load on PTFE increases friction coefficient becomes lower. PTFE has no "stick slip" behavior which is unique in slide bearing technology.

Gliding pads

Characteristics as stated above means an advantage for PTFE in bearing applications. Due to the fact no lubricants are required, PTFE (or compounds) is often used in food industry, road (bridge) construction, support of pipe systems and heavy installation constructions. By adding PTFE to the free movable construction parts (metal, rubber and so on) shrink and expansion, due to temperature movements, will not become an issue.


PTFE is also often used to move large and heavy constructions. Pending on applications and circumstances multiple solutions can be engineered and quoted.


PTFE 100% virgin is a relatively soft material and can be too porous for heavy constructions. By adding fillers to the PTFE, required characteristics for specific applications will improve. For example glass, bronze, graphite or carbon are commonly used. Friction coefficient will be slightly influenced due to these fillers. In general most optimal gliding construction with lowest friction is obtained in case PTFE is maximal loaded and counter surface is highly polished.

Properties PTFE

  • Lowest friction coefficient
  • No stick slip behaviour
  • No cleaning required, material is chemical and weather resistant, does not age
  • Simple engineered
  • No material breakdown
  • Electric and thermal isolating
  • Absorption in movement

Technical information

Need more information about Slide bearing sheets? These can be found in the technical datasheet below.

More information?

Please contact our sales engineers if you require more information, an inquiry or to evaluate samples. Or download our technical data sheets.