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PVDF (Kynar) heat shrink tubing

PVDF (Kynar) thin wall heat shrinkable tubing is used in critical applications requiring protection in aggressive environments in the electronic, automotive and military industry. Besides its chemical resistance PVDF’s properties such as flame retardancy, excellent abrasion and cut-through resistance make it a perfect material for demanding duties.

PVDF (Kynar) heat shrink tubing, typical shrink ratio 2:1, has a continuous working temperature from -55°C to 175°C. Standard colour of this heat shrink tubing is transparent which makes it suitable for see through inspection.

Key properties Kynar heat shrink tubing

  • Shrink Ratio 2:1
  • Shrink temperature> 175 ° C
  • Self-extinguishing/Cadmium-free transparent tubing
  • Durable
  • Working temperature -55°C to 175°C

More information?

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