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TL- and UV lamp protection

Lamps covered with heat shrink tubing for insect control equipment

For this specific application we mainly advise FEP heat shrink tubing. Due to the unique properties like UV resistance and long lifetime, FEP can be used in lighting applications where high UV radiation is required. Other plastics discolour after 2-3000 burning hours and the mechanical protection is significantly reduced. Fluoroplastics have the unique property of an unlimited lifetime. FEP will therefore "survive" the lamp in many cases.

Lamps covered with heat shrink tubing for food and/or food industry

These lamps contain only a small UV content and should emit enough light as long as possible. Therefore a material with less high quality, based on Polyolefin (mix) that show a decrease in the mechanical strength and include discoloration (brownish) after 10-12000 burning hours, can be used. This is sufficient for this kind of application.

Lamps covered with heat shrink tubing with UV-Stop

Insect and bacteria control applications require high UV-radiation for which special UV-lamps are used. For protection of the lamp itself, should it break, a cover is needed. Due to its UV-resistance and long lifetime in combination with its property of high UV-transmission (>95%) FEP heat shrinkable tubing is the perfect material.
The UV light that is emitted by the lamp is hardly blocked while the heat shrinkable tubing does not degrade. The FEP cover lifetime is longer than the lamp itself.


  • OD: 16, 26, 38, 40, 50, 68 and 85mm for fluorescent lamps (TL) and UV
  • Standard lengths up to 2500mm, special lengths to be agreed upon
  • Wall thickness after shrink from 0,2 mm to 1,5 mm
  • Identification by means of a strip on the heat shrink tubing


  • Round, straight or U-design compared to lamp
  • Heat shrink tubing shrunk directly on your specific delivered lamp, tailor made size
  • Heat shrink tubing in cut lengths based on your request
  • Heat shrink tubing lengths on production (reel)

More information?

Please contact our sales engineers if you require more information, an inquiry or to evaluate samples. Or download our technical data sheets.