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High pressure hose for Hydrogen-Helium

For high pressure transport of Hydrogen or Helium, we recommend high pressure hoses with an inner hose of ETFE or Zytel. Depending on the working pressure and bore of the hose, supplied with single or double Stainless Steel braid (AISI 302 or 304).

When your application requires more protection or identification, we can supply the hoses with an extra cover out of PVC, Hytrel or Silicone/Rubber. PVC is available in 10 standard colours with a thickness of approximately 0,3 mm. Hytrel is available in 3 standard colours (black, blue and red) with a thickness of approximately 1mm. Hytrel has a high abrasion resistance and is also oil resistant. Silicone/rubber on request.

The possibilities regarding hose connections/couplings are divers. From standard straight connectors (Brass/SS) to various direct connections according NEN3268 or DIN477 etc. By adding a Stainless Steel bend at cylinder side and/or Stainless Steel anti-kink spirals, you can extend the life time of the hoses due to increased kink resistance.

Our high pressure hoses can be supplied with a safety wire to avoid the hoses hitting at any breakages by (external) damage. For fixation, both ends can be equipped with Stainless Steel clamps or loops. On request the ends of the hose can be supplied with an anti-kink spiral/spring to reduce the mechanical load.

The high pressure hoses are tested with water and air, then cleaned/defatted and dried. Packing in sealed PE bags. The hoses are labelled (possible with your logo) indicating test pressure, degreasing as well as production date and batch number for identification.

More information?

Please contact our sales engineers if you require more information, an inquiry or to evaluate samples. Or download our technical data sheets.