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Super high pressure hose for gas

For applications requiring very high pressures, flexibility and high security, Super high pressure hoses are often chosen. The hoses are primarily intended for high pressure (gas) systems such as air, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide and other demanding applications. The Super high pressure hose consists of an inner hose of PTFE, PFA or ETFE with Kevlar braid. The Kevlar braid and the AISI 304 braid are separated by PTFE foil in order to reduce friction. The AISI 304 braid is covered with a Hytrel cover for identification/protection. Thickness of the Hytrel cover is approximately 1 mm.

Properties Super high pressure hoses

  • Working pressures of 320-475 Bar (safety factor 4)

  • Environment temperature -60°C to 110°C (with Hytrel cover)

  • High flexibility

The possibilities regarding hose connections/couplings are divers. From standard straight couplings to various special connections.

Our high pressure hoses are tested with water and air, then cleaned, degreased and dried. Packing in sealed PE bags. On request we can degrease the hosese for oxygen use as well. The hoses are labelled (possible with your logo) indicating test pressure, degreasing as well as production date and batch number for identification.

On request the ends of the hose can be supplied with an anti-kink spiral/spring to reduce the mechanical load.

More information?

Please contact our sales engineers if you require more information, an inquiry or to evaluate samples. Or download our technical data sheets.