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ePTFE tape

ePTFE forms a thin, yet strong, reliable gasket (under compression) that is highly resistant to aggressive media. The sealing tape is soft and flexible. Due to the expanded fiber structure of the ePTFE, cold flow will reduce significantly. This results in an excellent sealing material.

Because of the excellent thermal and chemical resistance of ePTFE, it can be used in a wide variety of static applications in virtually any industry where only a limited flange load may be available. The adhesive type offers easy mounting.

Typical applications are the sealing of flanges, pump housings, compressors, hand and manholes, air ducts, compensators, heat exchangers and many more.

Available as adhesive and non-adhesive strips wound on spools. Thicknesses range from 2 up to 8 mm in widths up to 40 mm. Spools of 50 mtr available, depending on the thickness.

Key properties

  • Temperature range: -240°C to +260°C, short periods up to +310°C
  • resistant against all chemicals from pH 0-14 - except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine at high temperature and pressure
  • Pressure resistance: vacuum up to 200 bar
  • Density: 0,65 g/cm³, +/- 0,1g/cm³ (for rectangular cross sections only)
  • ePTFE itself does not age and is UV-resistant. However, the adhesive backing may lose its effectiveness if kept unused for too long
  • Colour: white (other pigments available on demand)
  • ePTFE can be offered in virgin and carbon filled variants
  • ePTFE is physiologically harmless. It has no smell or taste. It is neither contaminating nor toxic. It is made from FDA approved raw materials


  • The adhesive strip makes installation easier while the shape and versatility of the material means minimal cutting and sizing
  • A few spools of different sizes cover most applications within a plant
  • The texture of ePTFE ensures the material accommodates the shape of the mating member, so there is no chance of the equipment getting damaged by the ePTFE
  • ePTFE is is chemically inert and can therefore be used even in the harshest environments without risk of reacting with the surrounding substances
  • ePTFE will be delivered on spool, so minimum waste of material
  • ePTFE remains one of the few materials to be able to separate gas from liquids due to its micro pore size
  • Easy to cut at the right size and shape in the right form, on location

More information?

Please contact our sales engineers if you require more information, an inquiry or to evaluate samples. Or download our technical data sheets.