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Type BW has a very smooth surface. The base material is a glass fibre impregnated with a high percentage of PTFE which is often used in the PVC welding industry. The very smooth surface, the high percentage of PTFE, the excellent anti-stick properties and good temperature resistance (up to +260 ° C), add up to a production time and cost saving solution.

Type BW is standard available in rolls of 30 mtr, in various widths. Other lengths are available on request. The most common thicknesses are 0,13 mm/0,16 mm and 0,22 mm. For the PVC welding industry we can punch the sheets. The standard colour of PTFE glass fibre is light brown or gold (GW). Our sales engineers are at your service when you want to determine the right formula for your application.


  • BW6; thickness 0,13 mm
  • GW6; thickness 0,16 mm
  • GW10; thickness 0,22 mm

More information?

Please contact our sales engineers if you require more information, an inquiry or to evaluate samples. Or download our technical data sheets.