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Dual containment tubing for chemical safety

Dual containment tubing is used to provide extra protection against leaks in applications in which hazardous liquids are being transported. The product consists of two tubes, one inside the other and they are called "primary tube" (inner tube) and "secondary tube" (outer tube).

The liquid is transported inside the primary tube and if that tube fails for whatever reason, the liquid is contained within the secondary tube. Our flexible secondary tube allows installation without multiple pipe connections or by heat bending. The tubes are delivered in the assembled state, so that the primary tube does not need to be pulled through the secondary tube.

Dual containment tubing is produced and packaged under strict standards of cleanliness, with covered ends and double packed in plastic for clean storage. Dual containment tubing can also be supplied on plastic coils, wrapped with plastic for extra protection.
Production in cleanroom environment belongs to the possibilities, as well as color-code secondary tubes for liquid identification. Ask our sales team for the possibilities!