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PTFE Filament Yarn

New in our range of PTFE products: PTFE filament yarns made out of pure, virgin PTFE filament. This PTFE filament yarn has good heat resistance, a high tensile strength and is chemically resistant.  Additionally it offers low elongation and excellent abrasion resistance characteristics. PTFE filament can be processed into types of high-performance mesh, fabric, sewing thread, dental floss, membrane structure and other products. Thicknesses from 200D to 1200D.


PTFE wire is easy to weave into a cloth or mesh. This results in great achievements; it can be used in corrosive applications for example flue gas treatment in coal fired energy plants or waste incineration plants. In these fabrics both warp and weft are out of 100% PTFE. A combination of (for example) PPS and PTFE is also possible. Polyfluor is able deliver entirely to customer specifications.

PTFE filter bag

PTFE filter bags can be made out of PTFE texture. The main reason for choosing this material is the good chemical resistance and the temperature range. A great benefit is the excellent release of dust. An open texture of 85% and a fabric width of 0,05 to 3 um belong to the possibilities.

Pure staple fiber

PTFE staple fiber can be used in filter assemblies which are used in fine dust filters of coal-fired plants, cement plants and waste incinerators. Besides this we can offer ePTFE hollow fibers for improved filtering properties.