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PTFE in aviation and aerospace

PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene), one of the fluoroplastics, is used in various industries and in many critical and demanding applications. This applies in particular to the aviation and aerospace industry.

PTFE is the eminent (unrivalled) product for use in aircrafts because of its specific properties, such as high temperature resistance, low coefficient of friction, low dielectric constant and inflammability.

Applications comprise: cable insulation (unsintered PTFE tape), fuel hoses (PTFE filled with carbon, made by co-extrusion), protecting surfaces for doors and various aids for easy assembling and protection (to prevent friction between the aluminum and other metal parts).

An example of the last application are our PTFE profiles; these are used in the leading edges of the aircraft wings (the landing flaps and slats which slow down the aircraft during landing).
Assembling the aluminum rod, which drives the landing flaps and slats, is easy due to the very low coefficient of friction of PTFE. Moreover, the PTFE provides a protective shield during the landing itself (otherwise increased vibration level during landing can cause the aluminum rod to break when it slams into the other wing parts).

The aerospace sector maintains high safety standards with regard to the use of products. Their requirements are specified in the AMS (Aerospace Material Standard). Polyfluor Plastics  supplies a range of PTFE products which meet these standards, examples are AMS3652 (PTFE film), AMS3656 (PTFE extruded rod, tube and profiles), AMS3667 (PTFE molded sheet), AMS3668 (PTFE molded rod, tube and shapes) and AMS2491 (surface treated PTFE).

Our business partners in aviation/aerospace are in general "First Tier" suppliers for established aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing. In addition, our products are used in planes from Embreär, Dassault, Bombardier, Gulfstream and Fokker, which is still well known in the aviation industry.