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ZX plastics

Polyfluor is working with ZX engineering plastics for years. ZX plastics are just a little different than traditional plastics such as POM, PET, PTFE, PPS, PEEK and PI. The ZX plastics are modified in a way that they have better properties. 

The philosophy here is, ”ZX plastics have those qualities that are required of it, no more and no less.” Creativity, knowledge and experience have led to a series of enhanced engineering plastics which are used increasingly with great satisfaction. 


An all-round material with a temperature range up to 110°C. A high quality plastic material with excellent mechanical properties. In addition to plain bearings without lubrication, this material is suitable for almost every application. It’s very tough, hard, weather resistant, adhesive and weldable and has no notching. Moreover suitable for contact with food. Some applications are: bearings, rollers, spindle screws, scrapers, gears and molding plates. Several modifications are possible if specific properties of ZX-100 material need to be improved. 


A multi-talented material with a temperature range up to 250°C. It belongs to the top segment of high-performance plastics. ZX-324 is based on PEEK material and possesses all the good qualities of PEEK. However, modifications possible by focussing on specific properties. 


Basic type resistant up to 180°C. A material with properties that come in the vicinity of PEEK. It has a lower temperature resistance, but has better sliding properties and is more wear-resistant than PEEK. Moreover it offers a very competitive price compared to PEEK. 


Temperature range up to 240°C and similar to fluorplastics (eg PTFE). Chemically resistant and suitable for plain bearing applications due to the high dimensional stability and durability. Due to the structural rigidity this type is better than PTFE. Price-wise ZX-530 has a lower purchase price than PEEK. 


Can be used at temperatures up to 250°C. Very low friction and high wear resistance! These are the main features of this unique material. ZX-550 is sterilizable and can therefore be used in medical applications. 


The premier class up to 300°C. This material can be used under extreme conditions to 300°C. It is chemical and radiation resistant. Apply in very extreme applications. 

If you need more information about these ZX materials, our engineers are available to assist you!