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We offer a large variaty of seals and guides. You can find tailored solutions from PTFE, PTFE compounds and other high-performance plastics as well as composite parts combining PTFE with other plastics or metals.


  • Shaft seals with PTFE sealing lip
  • Spring-Energized seals
  • Memory packings
  • Piston rings
  • Miscellaneous seals, e.g. composite seals, V-packings
  • O-rings
  • Quad-rings
  • Combinations of elastomers, other fabrics such as PEEK, PI and metals

Applicable in various industries

PTFE seals from Polyfluor are often used in the following branches: chemical and petrochemical industry, the packing & food industry, the automotive industry and the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, Polyfluor also supplies to various other industries.

Polyfluor is the specialist in the field of PTFE and other high-quality plastics. We not only supply seals, but almost everything to support the production process. For example, Polyfluor supplies membranes, bellows, injection molds, fibres, glass fibre, fluoroplastic tubing, heat shrink tubing and cleanroom tubing. Whatever the question is and whatever industry you are in, Polyfluor can always offer you a total solution.

The best solution for these industries

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Oil & Gas / Petrochemical

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Packing & Food