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Whether it concerns pipes, pistons, or other applications, seal tapes are essential to prevent leakage and hermetically seal a system. Seals are often exposed to the most extreme conditions, and that is precisely why it is imperative that their quality never be compromised. Polyfluor is the specialist in PTFE seal tape. Polyfluor can offer the best quality seal tapes based on PTFE, PTFE compounds, and other high-quality plastics.

Types of Seal Tape

We can offer you tailor-made solutions in the field of high-quality seals. Polyfluor provides seals from PTFE, PTFE compounds and other high-quality plastics. We can also provide composite parts, combined with PTFE and other plastics or metals. 

Sealing Versions

Polyfluor offers, among others, the following types of seal tapes:

  • Seal tapes
    • Seal tape with PTFE lip seal
    • Composite seal tapes
    • Piston rings
  • Rings
    • O-rings
    • Quad rings
  • Buses
    • PTFE collar bushes
    • PTFE bushings
  • Gaskets
    • Spring activated seal tapes
    • V-packings
    • Memory gaskets
    • PTFE frame gaskets
    • PTFE envelope gaskets
  • Valve seats
    • PTFE butterfly valve seats
    • PTFE ball valve seats
Applicable in various industries

PTFE seals from Polyfluor are often used in the following branches: chemical and petrochemical industry, the packing & food industry, the automotive industry and the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, Polyfluor also supplies to various other industries.

Polyfluor is the specialist in the field of PTFE and other high-quality plastics. In addition to seal tapes, we almost everything to support the production process, including membranes, bellows, injection-moulded parts, shrink fibre, glass fabric, plastic hoses, shrink hoses, and cleanroom tubing. No matter your question and regardless of the industry you are in, Polyfluor can always offer you a total solution. In the rare instance where we do not have a solution immediately available, we will immediately get to work and create one for you. We are happy to collaborate with you to ensure you receive optimal support. You can relax knowing that you are relying on the expertise of Polyfluor.

The best solution for these industries

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