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Bellows are used to protect moving parts of machines against dust and dirt, to absorb vibrations and correct shifts. The durability of a bellows is a very important requirement. The properties of modified PTFE, excellent chemical resistance, long flex life and high temperature resistance makes a very good material in high demanding applications.

Polyfluor can support designing a bellow meeting your specific ideas and requirements. We can help you through the entire process, from design to the finished product. All bellows we supply are custom-made for purpose.


  • Chipless machined bellows for low pressure or pressureless applications (up to ±3 bar) have the greatest flexibility due to their design. This type has the shortest installation size and can often be extended to great length.
  • Machined round bellows; less chance of contamination and easier to clean. Pressure up to ±6 bar.
  • For higher pressure and vacuum applications, such as pipe systems, another design is desired such as a thicker wall thickness (which will cause a stiffer bellow). In addition, the installation length is longer, and the movement more limited. Often a slight vibration or movement (axial, lateral or angular) is sufficient for the application.
  • The flange connections can be designed entirely according customer request.

Machined round bellows

Machined round bellows are suitable for medium pressure applications (up to approximately 6 bar). As a result, you run much less risk of contamination of a machine because it is much easier to keep clean.

For high pressure and vacuum applications

Polyfluor also supplies bellows for high pressure and vacuum applications. For example, a different design is desired within piping systems, such as a thicker wall thickness. This makes it a lot stiffer so that the movement is also much more limited. In addition, the installation length is a lot longer. Vibration or light movement (axial, lateral or angular rotation) is often also a reason for the application of this type of product.

Applicable in various industries

PTFE bellows from Polyfluor are often used in machines in the chemical and petrochemical industry, the packing & food industry, the automotive industry and the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, Polyfluor also supplies to various other industries.

We not only supply bellows, but almost everything to support the production process. For example, Polyfluor supplies membranes, seals, injection molds, fibres, glass fibre, fluoroplastic tubing, heat shrink tubing and cleanroom tubing. Whatever the question is and whatever industry you are in, Polyfluor can always offer you a total solution.

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