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Cleanroom tubing

Cleanroom hoses for high-purity applications: an important product that Polyfluor supplies to the semiconductor industry is cleanroom hoses for high-purity applications. These hoses are made from PFA, PTFE, THV, FEP, PVDF and PUR materials, among others. In an extra clean room (in compliance with ISO 146441) certain operations are carried out under strict conditions. So-called secondary operations can additionally be carried out in these different classified spaces. Polyfluor supplies hoses in rolls, or cut to size, straight lengths or shaped. All produced, cleaned, and packed by Polyfluor. This applies not only to the semiconductor industry, but also to the medical industry and pharmaceutical industries. In this blog, we explain the importance of these hoses as well as their use and application.


Cleanroom hoses reassure the customer as they prevent contamination in their clean environment/application. This means that our customers do not have to perform any additional actions to keep the hoses clean.


The cleanroom hoses are used in machines that make microchips to transport ultra-pure cooling water and very clean gases. Any contamination in the tubing could potentially cause problems or delays in the chip production process. Another process is the cleaning of the wafers in the chip machine. This is done using ultra-high chemicals stored in large tanks. UHP PFA hoses are used for the transport of such chemicals. If contaminants interact with those chemicals, the boards, or wafers, cannot be properly cleaned. Consequently, the wafers can no longer be used in the machines. As a result, cleanroom hoses are of great importance to our customers and the longevity of their machinery. 

Additionally, within the medical and pharmaceutical industries, cleanroom hoses are extremely valuable, for example in the filling of medicines or for the assembly of catheters. We make sure that our hoses are as clean as possible and meet the highest purity requirements. 

The cleanroom hoses are of course produced through a highly controlled process. Our high-purity PFA hoses comply with the SEMI57 standard. We highly consider the customer’s preferences and deliver the hoses with or without laser marking for correct identification. We also supply black hoses with special pigment to block UV and our cleanroom hoses are available in many different metric and imperial sizes. You can contact us for 2D and 3D shaped hoses as well, whether or not these are packed in a cleanroom and/or cleaned. Are you looking for more information? We will be happy to provide advice and present you with various possibilities.