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Kim de Buyst

At Polyfluor, we ensure that everything is optimally coordinated and continuously strive to improve our processes. An integral part of this endeavour is Kim de Buyst. With her sharp insight and passion for process optimization, Kim plays a crucial role in streamlining our operational activities. It's time to get to know her better.

Kim originally comes from Bergen op Zoom but made the move to central Brabant years ago. She ended up in Breda due to her choice of pursuing a part-time bachelor’s degree in business administration at Avans University of Applied Sciences. This decision perfectly complemented her work at Polyfluor, and she later settled in Oosterhout, where she now resides with her husband and 7-month-old daughter. Despite her love for Oosterhout, Kim sometimes misses the proximity of family in Bergen op Zoom and still spends many weekends in her hometown, as a proud 'Bergenaar' often does.

Administration, Coordination, and Optimization 

Kim's journey at Polyfluor began eight years ago, when she was seeking an administrative role after completing her MBO studies in Tourism. The variety of tasks and the pivotal role of the Order Administration department within the organization were precisely what she was looking for. Since then, Kim has grown professionally, from working with a small team of two to coordinating a group of four. “I gained a lot of experience over the years by simply diving in. The Order Administration department kept expanding, and I've been able to see how everything fits together from the start. By pursuing my part-time studies alongside work, I've developed significantly and feel more confident in my abilities.”

Currently, Kim serves as the Team Leader of Order Management at the Order Administration department at Polyfluor. Her days are dedicated to optimizing processes and closely collaborating with various departments, including warehouse, sales, and finance. Her responsibilities include leading team meetings, identifying areas for improvement, and guiding her colleagues. Kim also ensures the correct and efficient administrative processing of the entire order process, but her current focus is on optimizing processes and the AFAS system. “It's rewarding to improve processes and align them with one another. Sometimes based on facts, sometimes on intuition, but always for a better outcome. That's what makes the work interesting.”

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Stability and Balance 

After years of working at Polyfluor, Kim has arranged her life exactly as she desires: a balanced life with a stable foundation. This provides opportunities for her to fully enjoy her time outside of work. “I greatly appreciate the Burgundian way of life. Enjoying leisurely walks with the dog and spending time with family and friends for game nights or dinners. There are no obligations; everything is optional. That's how I like it.”

For Kim, Polyfluor is a place she enjoys going to for years to come. “I value the support provided by the organization and feel appreciated in my role. I envision a bright future where I continue to develop as a coordinator and leader. Together, we strive for a perfectly configured AFAS system, and that's a great goal to work towards.”

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