Marije Evers

A go-getter like Marije is a great asset to an organisation. This star from our sales team is fanatical in everything she does. Whether sports, travel or work, Marije does everything with the same enthusiasm. ‘It is fun to keep discovering every day and to keep developing yourself.’ Time to get to know her a little better. 

Marije Evers is 43 years old and lives in Tilburg with her husband and two daughters (ages 11 and 13). She and her husband are a strong and close team. Individually, or as a duo, they enjoy searching for adventure. Whether it be running, hockey, backpacking, visiting cities, going on holiday or getting away from it all, Marije does everything with the same enthusiasm no matter what it is. ‘Keep discovering and to allow yourself enough time to relax.’

A new step

After a long period of employment with her previous employer, Marije wanted something different. ‘I fulfilled different sales roles there and completed many projects. It was time for a fresh, new company. Then I came across a growing company called Polyfluor and they were looking for someone for the sales department. When I contacted Polyfluor, I immediately ended up having a pleasant, open and honest conversation. We clicked and the succinctness of the company appealed to me. As a small company, Polyfluor can make decisions quickly and really make a difference for clients. The fact that you contribute to healthcare indirectly by supplying medical tubes also appealed to me.’

Marije is now a valued member of the sales team, where no two days are alike. ‘I sell products to intermediate medical suppliers, amongst others. That sounds simple, but it requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise. You have to keep expanding your knowledge in order to have an answer for every question.’

Listen, think, develop

A good salesperson thinks along with clients. Amongst others, the ability to listen carefully and offer a sufficient response are strong points of this sales star, who also speaks English, French and German fluently. ‘Every client has a specific need. If you can empathise and understand what the other person wants, you can provide the right solution.’

The sales aspect corresponds with what Marije did previously, but she continues to learn a great deal about the various products here. ‘I am included in the product process and have attended various trade fairs. I learn a great deal from conversations with colleagues and suppliers. That way, I keep developing myself every day.’

‘Working for Polyfluor means working with pleasure and continuing to learn every day’, says Marije. ‘Our strength is that we all have our own specialisms. We work together well as a team. We consolidate our expertise and get ahead together. I see enough challenges and learning curves in the future. There is no need to sit still because the company continues to grow. That creates opportunities and I will certainly seize them.’

Looking for the right material or product? Then contact Marije or one of our other colleagues. We would be delighted to assist you with the right solution.