Mirella Mous

This all-rounder has been working at Polyfluor since the turn of the century. As the company grew, so did she. “We are constantly raising the bar by presenting figures and setting goals. I am happy to contribute to that. We work as a chain, in which I feel like the middle link.” Time to get to know her better. 

Mirella Mous is married, lives in Oosterhout and is mother of a daughter (22) and a son (20). At home she enjoys her role as a mother, but she also pays enough attention to herself. “I exercise twice a week in a heat cabin - it's great to relax there. I also often take our golden retriever for walks. I enjoy life; going out with friends, to the cinema, out for dinner or just being at home on the couch.”

Flexible Growth

Mirella has been working at Polyfluor since 1 January 2000, thanks to an advertisement in the newspaper. “I was pregnant with my daughter and my employer at the time did not want part-timers. Then I applied for a job at Polyfluor, where they were more flexible. When I was pregnant with my son, I went from working three days a week to one day. Then back to three. That flexibility was exactly what I was looking for. Now I work 34 hours a week and that suits me perfectly.” We are incredibly happy with that at Polyfluor because we couldn't do without Mirella now. “I answer the phone, handle incoming emails, process orders, take care of purchases and confirmations, keep an eye on shipments, arrange transport and receive goods, you name it. It's quite varied. We always take on the challenges together.”

As an administrative assistant with over 22 years of experience, she has seen many changes. “I've seen us start using the new system and I've seen Polyfluor become more professional. Growth in personnel numbers, in knowledge, in types of customers and also suppliers. I have also grown with it as both a person and as a professional. Now I give other people tips on how things can be done better. I always want to give input, and thankfully that is appreciated.”

Polyfluor is de specialist in fluorkunststoffen. | Ruim 40 jaar ervaring | Gratis advies | Breed assortiment | Direct een offerte op maat | Koop snel in onze webwinkel.
Polyfluor is de specialist in fluorkunststoffen. | Ruim 40 jaar ervaring | Gratis advies | Breed assortiment | Direct een offerte op maat | Koop snel in onze webwinkel.

Variety and Enjoyment

An employee like Mirella proves to us that we are doing a good job. “Our strength lies in our range, our service and, above all, our solutions. Even if we don't have something, we still look at how we can deliver it. We always want to find the most suitable solution. The variety in customer needs makes that a lot of fun. The atmosphere in our team is also a strength, in my opinion. It ensures that I enjoy working here. It is friendly and collegial, and you can speak your mind freely. We treat each other with respect, which is particularly important to me. Of course you spend a great deal of time together.”

Looking to the future, she is positive. “Polyfluor is a big part of my life and I see myself staying here until I retire. As long as I go to work with a smile on my face, there's nothing better. I am also curious as to how we will continue to grow. The atmosphere is the most important aspect for me. If that's good, I don't have to go anywhere." 

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