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The industries

Semiconductor industry

One of the industries that has shown tremendous growth in the past twenty years that cannot be ignored these days is the semiconductor industry. This sector consists of a set of companies that deal with semiconductors and semiconductor devices. But which products do these industries supply and how does Polyfluor contribute to them? Time to explain.

Suppliers of the future

The main products manufactured in the semiconductor industry are computer chips. Devices that require computer chips these days are too many to mention. For example, nowadays there are Google devices that can be operated remotely from the phone, the heating can be switched on from outside and there are automatic refrigerators. Machines that make computer chips require special parts with specific material properties. Polyfluor supplies products to the semiconductor industry that must be chemically inert, ultra clean and have non-wetting properties.

The demand for digital

The times we live in today require a lot of digital work, which has only increased the demand for computers and laptops. And of course, computer chips are needed for that too. People clearly want ever faster and smaller devices. This drives the industry’s need for changing capacities of computer chips. All these devices are playing an increasingly important role in our lives, and that of course has an impact on the industry. In addition to various appliances and computers, for example, electric cars are on the rise and are becoming increasingly popular, so the pressure on the computer chips for electric cars is very high. In addition, more sensors are needed on all means of transport to be able to measure everything properly in order to become more sustainable, cleaner and more energy-conscious. It's a typical supply and demand story. The world is rapidly transforming in robotics, mechatronics and industrial automation, driving a continuous demand for more and faster microchips. However, such a transition takes time and precision and we want to contribute to it.

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Meticulous in every aspect

The computer chips that go into all these devices are made by chip machines. It is important that the chip machines work very precisely to make the ever smaller chips. Polyfluor helps this industry by, among other things, supplying hoses that can handle this precision. It is very important that there is no dirt or dust in these machines. For example, otherwise the laser that makes the computer chip does not move and the material does not absorb water. Our PFA high-purity hoses comply with the SEMI57 standard and are used in very critical applications where chemical resistance as well as cleanliness and purity are very important.

Expertise through experience

By supplying accurate, approved precision tubing, Polyfluor delivers added value to customers active in the semiconductor industry. This industry has made a huge impact on everyday life over the past few decades, but its importance will only increase in the coming years. Do you have questions about specific applications in the semiconductor industry, or are you looking for products we supply? Please contact us! Together we will find the best solution.