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Steven Hirst

Steven Hirst is always there for you. Friends, family, colleagues; everyone receives his sincere attention and support. This very committed energetic personality is a valuable part of our company. Time to get to know him better.

Steven is 57 years old, lives in Bavel and has been working at Polyfluor for four years. As an involved uncle, he enjoys caring for his niece and nephew. It is typical characteristic of him - he is always there for you. ‘Family is very important to me, which is why I often visit my family in England.’ In addition to being a true family man, he indulges in a love of cars, mostly thanks to his father. ‘I love the sound of a roaring gasoline engine’, he says with a laugh. ‘But not when I'm going to work because I enjoy riding my bike then.’

Standard quality

For 24 years, Steven worked at the brewery in Breda, where he was responsible for accounts payable and accounts receivable. After the company's financial accounting department was transferred to Budapest, he looked for a new challenge. ‘I was looking for something where I can do my thing in peace. I was introduced to Polyfluor through my sister, she supports human resources. She thought I would fit in well with the team and she was proven right.’

"I was hired to cut Viton. This material must meet various specifications and it is supplied to the automotive industry. The standardisation of quality is very important. The holes in the material allow iron wire to pass through, so these must be exactly the right size. This is the sort of quality our customers expect and I make sure they have it. Viton is mainly used for gasoline cars, so with the rise of electric cars the demand is declining. That's why I help out in the warehouse a lot these days.’

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Polyfluor is de specialist in fluorkunststoffen. | Ruim 40 jaar ervaring | Gratis advies | Breed assortiment | Direct een offerte op maat | Koop snel in onze webwinkel.
Polyfluor is de specialist in fluorkunststoffen. | Ruim 40 jaar ervaring | Gratis advies | Breed assortiment | Direct een offerte op maat | Koop snel in onze webwinkel.

On his place in Polyfluor

Steven is having a great time in Polyfluor. ‘The work I do and my colleagues are key to my job satisfaction. The overall picture is just right. At the brewery, I had nice colleagues, but the work was very stressful. This is where I get into a ‘good flow’ every day. The organisation is professional, it's close to home and they are very good to the staff here. For example, we received compensation for our increasing energy costs. Polyfluor is a true specialist offering unique products and it has good sales reps. We ensure customer satisfaction throughout the process.’

At Polyfluor, we need not fear that Steven will be leaving us any time soon. ‘I see no reason to look for anything else. We want to further optimise the process in the warehouse in the near future. I want to be part of that. I increasingly perform work in the warehouse. Right now, I still do a lot of assisting, but I hope to do mostly independent work soon. There is still plenty to do. I'm happy and comfortable here, and that's worth everything to me.’

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