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PTFE hoses

Polyfluor is the specialist in the Benelux and supplies a wide range of PTFE hoses. These are available with both smooth and corrugated designs (spiral and parallel) in inch, metric, AWG versions, and others. Polyfluor supplies PTFE hoses in straight lengths, bundles, or reels as well as hot-bent and modified versions, so that they can be easily applied regardless of the situation. The natural hoses are milky white to slightly transparent in colour. However, pigmented versions and liners (standard) are available. As you can see, a suitable PTFE hose from Polyfluor is available for every demand, situation, and application.

PTFE Hoses’ Main Properties

Polyfluor's diverse range of PTFE hoses are known for their excellent quality and extraordinary properties. For example, the products offer impressive resistance to fatigue (Wöhler curves), have no adhesion, are characterized by very low friction, and have an extremely low dielectric constant, which makes them insulating. The PTFE hoses also have the following properties:

  • Excellent chemical resistance 
  • Applicable from -190°C to +260°C
  • Greatest resistance to fatigue (Wöhler curve)
  • FDA approved
  • Flame retardant (non-flammable) - UL94V0
  • No stick 
  • Low coefficient of friction 
  • UV-resistant (does not age)
  • Not hygroscopic (water absorption < 0,01%)
  • Very good dielectric insulation properties

By adding certain materials, such as carbon, graphite, and glass, the product properties of the specialist products of Polyfluor can be adjusted. As a result, our PTFE hoses can meet any of your needs.

Connecting Products

In addition to PTFE hoses, Polyfluor also provides PTFE plates, spray, powder, coating, and tape. We take pride in ensuring that our products can handle any challenge.

With our experienced team of engineers, we are capable of creating any PTFE solution for a wide range of applications, as we have the expertise to deliver the exact solution you want.

As industry specialists, including medical, food and beverage, aerospace, and more, we have various industry-specific solutions because we understand that every industry possesses unique requirements. Let our industry specialists inform you which solutions we have devised specifically for your industry.

Solution Oriented

Our goal is always to provide seamless solutions, and PTFE hoses are part of that. Our specialists have in-depth product knowledge, so they can flawlessly address your specific situation. Our products can always be adapted to your requirements and wishes in terms of product properties as well as applicability.

Once you begin working with Polyfluor, you will immediately realize how pleasant it is to collaborate with a down-to-earth business that is simultaneously committed to solutions. You will be capable of confronting your challenges with complete confidence, especially with Polyfluor's PTFE hoses!

Technical information

Need more information about the properties of Polyfluor's PTFE hoses? These can be found in the technical datasheet below.

More information?

Please contact our sales engineers if you require more information, an inquiry or to evaluate samples. Or download our technical data sheets.