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PTFE tape

Polyfluor has been the PTFE specialist in the Benelux for over 40 years, and part of our wide range of products is PTFE tape. This product is available in various thicknesses and designs, such as glass fabric tape, ePTFE sealing tape, and zone tape. Most PTFE tape is supplied on rolls of 30 meters as a standard, but it is also possible to obtain other dimensions on request. With respect to thicknesses, standard sizes generally range from 0.08mm to 0.48mm depending on the type of product. The standard colour is light brown, but again, different variants and other colours are possible on request. We have a suitable solution for every application, so if you are seeking PTFE tape, Polyfluor is the right place for your needs.

Main Properties of PTFE Tape

The products from Polyfluor are known for their chemical resistance and excellent anti-sticking properties. Additionally, it is easy to apply and clean, which makes it a perfect product for a variety of applications. Furthermore, most PTFE tape has the following properties (see the exact specifications for the relevant variant): 

  • Excellent electrical, insulating, and dielectric properties
  • Low coefficient of friction 0.04-0.10 (depending on load, transport speed, and temperature)
  • Wide temperature range from -200°C to +260°C (for the self-adhesive version -73°C to +250°C)
  • Food Grade (USFDA) 

Some Polyfluor products come with a PTFE layer, which gives the tape many of the properties of Polytetrafluoroethylene. For example, the glass fibre products Type BP, Type BP Stic, Type BS, Type BT, and Type B-Sil are imbued with PTFE. This has been added to Type BF, Type BF Stic, Type BW, Type BW Stic, and ePTFE sealing tape. Additionally, our product Type SPF is made with a foil as a starting point.

Other PTFE Products 

In addition to our tape products, Polyfluor also supplies PTFE plates, spray, powder, coating, and hoses. We have a PTFE product for every application, and they can all be used in combination with each other. As an industry specialist, we make industry-specific solutions, which applies to all our products, including our PTFE tapes. At Polyfluor, we understand that each sector has unique requirements, and our industry specialists are happy to inform you about our special solutions.

Sober Approach

With Polyfluor you have a partner who collaborates with you to come up with solutions that will address your challenges. In the unlikely event that a solution is not available, we will immediately get to work to create one for you. We are pragmatic and take care to communicate sincerely, so you will always have realistic expectations. With Polyfluor's PTFE tape, you always know where you stand!

Technical information

Need more information about the properties of Polyfluor's PTFE tape? Feel free to contact us for any question you might be having.

More information?

Please contact our sales engineers if you require more information, an inquiry or to evaluate samples. Or download our technical data sheets.